The Osseo Fire Department has a long and rich history. Established in 1915, it is one of the oldest fire departments in the area. For many years, it provided the primary fire protection for many miles outside the city limits.

The department had 15 charter members:

To date, the department has had 7 chiefs:



This photo was taken in January of 1941. Pictured are: back row: Werner Schultz, Virgil Kidd, Louis Knoble, Ken Babcock, Elmo Richey, Gus Zulsdorf, Charles Savage, N. J. Paul; middle row: Lee McHugh, H. W. Schultz, Art Hastings, Wes Keske, Victor Seidenkranz, William Phenow, ?, Morris Smith; front row: Donald MacJunkin, George Neumann, Dana Heesen, George Heesen, Ken Heesen, William Heesen, Peter Phenow, Sr. (click on photo to enlarge)



This photo was taken in 1970. Pictured are: back row: Ken Smith, Tom Phenow, Dick Christenson, Roman Eckes, Geo Tonn, Bill Sadler, Gay Harff; middle row: Jim Smith, Geo Payne, Al Kunze, Mel Holmes, John Leitzke, Bob Schwappach, Geo Beucler; front row: Ray Heinen, Garland Chapman, Jim Korfiatis, Cy McHugh, Peter Phenow, Arne Phenow, Gerald Getchall, Clarence Neumann. (click on photo to enlarge)



This photo was taken in 1979. Pictured are: back row: Roger Wiley, Allen Hartkopf, Jim Smith, Gary Smith, Ken Smith, Alan Phenow, Dick Christenson, Bob Stark, Mel Holmes, Bob Phenow, Gay Harff, Phil Phenow, Jerry Schreiber, Dan Sadler; front row: Bruce Dalheimer, Gar Chapman, Tom Phenow, Pete Phenow, Gerald Getchall, Jim Korfiatis, Bob Leitzke, Bill Sadler; inset: Louis Rowell, Dave Larson, Ray Heinen. (click on photo to enlarge)



This photo was taken in 198?. Pictured are: standing: Bill Christenson, Jamie Phenow, ?, Alan Phenow, ?, ?, Gary Current, Phil Phenow, ?, Steve Eiden, Paul Phenow, ?, Dan Phenow, ?, Chuck Gisvold; seated: Bob Phenow, Bruce Dalheimer, Bob Leitzke, Peter Phenow, Roger Wiley. (click on photo to enlarge)



This photo was taken in 1990. Pictured are: back row: Jamie Phenow, Dan Phenow, Keith Kraus, Gary Cook, Scott Regan, Steve Eiden, Al Phenow, Louie Rowell, Marg Regan, Dan Harff, Bob Phenow; middle row: Jerry Krois, Gary Current, Earl Von Ende, Paul Phenow, Bob Harff, Mike Schultz, Tom Dahlheimer; front row: Chuck Gisvold, Gerald Schreiber, Bob Leitzke, Bruce Dahlheimer, Phil Phenow, Bill Christenson, Roger Wiley. (click on photo to enlarge)



This photo was taken in 2003. Pictured are: back row: Bob Harff, Patty Lyden, Barry Anderson, Nate Rooney, Derick Haug, Terry Kiblin, Scott Regan, Erin Lynne, John Hegstrand, Sarah Doschadis, Jim Sathre, Mike Schultz, Garrett Erdman; front row: Jeff Weiss, Pat McGrane, Jesse Phenow, Chuck Gisvold, Gary Current, Dan Harff, Don Peterson, Mark Lynde, Earl Von Ende. (click on photo to enlarge)



This photo was taken in the summer of 2006 for use on the 2006-2007 annual fire prevention calendar. Pictured in the top row: Derick Haug, Stephanie Wolfe, Sarah Doschadis, Patty Lyden, Training Officer Mark Lynde, Mike Phenow; middle row: Chief Gary Current, Training Officer Pat McGrane, Lieutenant Don Peterson, Jeff Weiss, Earl VonEnde, Bob Harff, Jim Sathre, Dan Phenow, Bill Evans, Garrett Erdman; bottom row: Barry Anderson, Mike Schultz, Captain Dan Harff, Lieutenant Jesse Phenow, Erin Lynne. Not pictured are Steve Eiden, Assistant Chief Chuck Gisvold, John Hegstrand, Mike Maselter, and Scott Regan. (click on photo to enlarge)



This photo was taken in the summer of 2008 for use on the 2009 annual fire prevention calendar. Pictured in the back row from left: Patty Lyden, Mike Phenow, Barry Anderson, Billy Evans, Jesse Phenow; front row from left: John Hegstrand, Sarah Doschadis, Mark Lynde, Earl VonEnde, Dan Phenow, Garrett Erdman, Erin Lynne, Chuck Gisvold, Gary Current, Don Peterson, Pat McGrane, Mike Schultz, Bob Harff, Steve Eiden, Mike Sable; not pictured are Jeff Weiss, Derick Haug, Jim Sathre, Stephanie Wolfe, Jon Thibodeau, Beth Thibodeau, Derek Wills. (click on photo to enlarge)



This photo was taken in the summer of 2009 for use on the 2010 annual fire prevention calendar. Pictured in the back row from left: Garrett Erdman, Jesse Phenow, Steve Eiden, Earl Von Ende, Jeff Weiss, Bob Harff, Mike Sable, Jon Thibodeau; front row from left: Tom Gaspard, Pat McGrane, Patty Lyden, John Hegstrand, Chuck Gisvold, Dan Phenow, Stephanie Fourniea, Mark Lynde, Erin Lynne, Derick Haug, Don Peterson, Mike Phenow, Beth Thibodeau; not pictured: Barry Anderson, Gary Current, Bill Evans, Tom Phenow, Derek Wills. (click on photo to enlarge)

Peter Phenow

This photo was published in the Osseo Press with the article marking the passing of former Chief Peter Phenow. (click on photo to enlarge)

painting of old fire station

This painting was donated to the Osseo Fire Department. The inscription reads: "This oil painting is dedicated to the past and present fire chiefs of the Osseo Volunteer Fire Department. George Heesen, W. P. (Dick) Heesen, Virgil Kidd, Peter Phenow" (click on photo to elnarge)


This is one of the bumper stickers used by members of the Osseo Fire Department.

Some interesting facts about the history of Osseo.