The Osseo Fire Department Relief Association is an organization set up to raise money in order to contribute to community programs and to the City of Osseo for use on public safety equipment and training.

Dick's Bar

Charitable Gambling

The relief association raises funds through lawful charitable gambling conducted at Dick's Bar. Employees of the association sell pull-tabs from booth space rented from the bar. There are generally 7 games in play for either $1, $2, or $3 per ticket and instant prizes ranging from $2 up to $888.

In addition to pull-tabs, the association operates bar bingo Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm at Dick's Bar. There are 12 bingo games played per occasion--10 non-cover-all games for $1 per sheet and 2 cover-all games for $2 per sheet (a sheet contains 3 bingo "faces"). Prizes for non-cover-all games are 75% of sales for that game, up to $99. Prizes for cover-all games depend on a number of factors, but are generally more than double the prizes for non-cover-all games and can reach $1,199. For more details, see the Bingo Program (.pdf).

Thursdays at 5:00 pm the association hosts a meat raffle at Dick's Bar. Each round, 30 numbers are sold for $1 each. Once all the numbers have been purchased, a wheel containing 30 numbers is spun to select the winner. The winner gets their choice of available meat packages from the Osseo Meat Market, each worth $20. There are generally 10 packages of meat per occasion and, depending on the demand, more rounds will be played once all the meat has been won for $20 gift certificates to the Osseo Meat Market.

Dick's Bar & Grill is located at 205 Central Avenue in Osseo (across Central Avenue from the Holiday gas station). Stop in and say "Hi." Enjoy some good food, drinks, and friends and support the fire department and Osseo community while you're at it.

Public Safety Equipment & Training

For many years, funds donated to the City of Osseo have been used to help purchase critical public safety equipment and training to help protect the lives and property of the citizense of Osseo.

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Community Donations

Funds raised by the association are also donated back into the community in a variety of ways. The following is a small sampling of the things the association has donated money to:

Donation Requests

To request a charitable donation from the Osseo Fire Department Relief Association, please completly fill out our Donation Request Form and return to an Osseo firefighter, the clerk at City Hall, or a gambling employee at Dick's Bar. Copies of the donation request form are also available at the pull-tab booth at Dick's Bar or at City Hall. Donation requests will be reviewed by our membership at our monthly meeting the second Thursday of each month. Please try to submit your requests at least a month or two before the funds are needed to allow enough time to process and review your request.

The Osseo Fire Department Relief Association abides by all established rules and regulations regarding the distribution of charitable gambling funds as set forth by the Minnesota Legislature and enforced by the Minnesota Gambling Control Board. For more details on these rules and regulations, see Chapter 12 (Lawful Purpose Expenditures) of the Lawful Gambling Manual (pdf).